Jakub Marchwicki | Devoxx

Devoxx Poland 2019
from Monday 24 June to Wednesday 26 June 2019.

Jakub is a software craftsman with over a decade of commercial experience in programming, wearing multiple hats, getting hands dirty in multiple environments. Some languages, some frameworks, blah blah blah - doesn’t really matter. Architect, programmer, manager, technical trainer, tech lead, wannabe entrepreneur, JUG leader. There is a fair chance he does non of those right.

See also http://jakub.marchwicki.pl

Becoming a speaker


"Imagine Everyone Naked"... that's the worst advice any public speaker can ever get. And that's not something we would like to talk about here, either. In this session, we aspire to make public speaking less frightening. With people involved in both technical and non-technical performances, we aim to cover some critical aspects of public speaking: up-front preparation (where to start, which topic to pick), mitigating stress during the actual performance (how to deliver a great presentation) and actual "speaking mechanics" - with some basic tricks and tips how to sound good, breath normally etc.

If you are stressed out, whenever you think about saying anything in public, no matter if that's a conference talk or a presentation in front of a group of colleagues - this is a session for you. First-hand experience how others prepare themselves for any public appearance.

Developer’s Torment: The Documentation


You start a new job. You’re excited - new domain, new knowledge to ingest, new practices to learn. Unfortunately, once you start digging into things, excitement starts to fade and is replaced by frustration. It turns out that there is no way to find out about the product unless you somehow get a hold of sales pitch presentation. You can only learn about architecture if you talk to “that guy” and only if he’ll have 3 hours to spare (spoiler alert: he won’t). In short - tribal knowledge is the only way to go. Docs say we use Cassandra to store our data? Well, we did - in 2010.

Is there no way out of this hell? Does onboarding process have to be the rite of passage, where your enthusiasm is crushed by the heavy weight of hopelessness? How to write and maintain documentation in the way, that it is an actual advantage to you and yours, and not a pile of shame?

During our talk, we’ll analyze what are the actual issues with the docs, do we actually need it and how to go with quality, not quantity. Don’t worry, we won’t leave you without the tools to tackle this beast.

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