UGR-6560 WebAssembly for the masses | Devoxx

Devoxx Poland 2019
from Monday 24 June to Wednesday 26 June 2019.

   WebAssembly for the masses


Modern Web
Modern Web
Beginner & novice level
Room 5 Monday from 11:40 til 12:30

Providing a consistent and reliable performance is a nightmare in JavaScript. Different engines, different optimizations, and unmaintainable code. If the above sounds are familiar, then WebAssembly is for you. Let us embrace the near-native performance consistently.

This is a complete talk on WebAssembly.

  • What is WebAssembly and what does it provide?
  • Why you need WebAssembly?
  • Which language supports it?
  • How to use it with demos?
  • Where it will be in the future?
Web development   Javascript   frontend development   Platform Futures  
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Sendil Kumar
Sendil Kumar
From @xebialabs

Sendil is a full-stack developer working on DevOps products at Xebialabs. He has 9+ years of experience in end to end software architecting. He is passionate about open source and crazy enough to contribute to many of them in his free time. He likes to explore, learn new programming languages, traveling, and coffee.

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