RLK-6927 Moving beyond REST: GraphQL and Java | Devoxx

Devoxx Poland 2019
from Monday 24 June to Wednesday 26 June 2019.

   Moving beyond REST: GraphQL and Java


Modern Web
Modern Web
Intermediate level
Room 2 Tuesday from 17:00 til 17:50

We’ve been using REST-based API development for over a decade now. While it provides a contract for both API developers and API consumers, it can be big, rigid and brittle. GraphQL can be used to either augment or replace REST based endpoints to provide faster and more flexible development. In this session, we’ll discuss GraphQL basics and look at how we create a GraphQL server and consume it in a client, using Java, of course!

REST API   server-side   Web development  
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Pratik Patel
Pratik Patel
From IBM

All around software and hardware enthusiast. Helps to organize the Atlanta Java User Group and North Atlanta JavaScript meetup, frequent speaker at tech events, and master builder of nachos. Currently works as a lead developer advocate at IBM.

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