Tomasz Ducin | Devoxx

Devoxx Poland 2019
from Monday 24 June to Wednesday 26 June 2019.

Independent Consultant, Architect and a Developer. Your JavaScript world guide. Speaker at European and Polish conferences. A trainer with passion to explain how things work and to avoid overcomplicated solutions, as well as making unnecessary decisions. A critic of buzzwords and overexcitement around certain tools. Concentrated on solving organizational and technical project issues. Loves working with people. Ex-theatre actor. 4 espressos a day.

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Modern web is evolving so fast that it's challenging to make the right decisions about a project not only for the web devs, but also solution architects. Putting jokes about JS frameworks aside, most of the major tools are built around certain patterns and architectural decisions that one might not grasp at the first sight. It's often very different than the classical Object-Oriented and Imperative Paradigms. Many of the tools that pop up each week do solve issues with performance, design and complexity, often by introducing IoC or making the code declarative. And sometimes, by introducing new complexity.

In this talk I will walk through the most important concepts that modern JavaScript ecosystem relies on. These include: different strategies for view re-renders, view-as-a-function, reactivity on the UI, push-based control-flow, handling client application state and splitting webapps into microfrontends. Let's NOT talk about the frameworks, but the concepts they are built upon.

If you're keen on webdev, this talk is for you. If you're interested in architecture and different ways to tackle problems, this talk is also for you.

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