Marcin Zajączkowski | Devoxx

Devoxx Poland 2019
from Monday 24 June to Wednesday 26 June 2019.

Areas of expertise: ✔ Automatic Testing / TDD ✔ Software Craftsmanship / Code Quality ✔ Concurrency / Reactive Systems ✔ Continuous Delivery

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Harnessing integration testing with Docker containers


Unit testing is pure and simple. However, some things cannot be tested that way or testing them in separation is just not feasible. In that case integration/functional tests are knocking to our doors, dragging all those limitations and complexity along. Databases, message brokers, external systems and more to struggle... Nevertheless, there are tools which can help to take it under control.

During my talk I will provide a quick introduction to managing Docker containers during your integration/functional testing lifecycle. The Testcontainers library in cooperation with JUnit/Spock will be used to cover a few most common use cases.

How to save money on long-term support for Java 11?


TL;TR. During my presentation I will clarify the situation with Oracle JDK and OpenJDK 11+ and compare available solutions to get (free) long-term support (LTS) for your (production) Java instances.

Longer version. Java 11 - besides new features - brought also confusion with the the licensing model. Among others, I will answer the following questions: Is Java still free? Will Java 11 get long-term support from Oracle? Will it be available for free? What is a difference between Oracle JDK 11 and OpenJDK 11? Do I need to upgrade my production to newer Java version every 6 months? What cost-free options do I have to use Java 11 with long-term support? Which option should be best for me (AdoptOpenJDK, Red Hat, Azul, Amazon, Liberica JDK, ...)? Or maybe, in the end, it is worth to pay some $$$ to have support from Oracle?

Just as a pre-warn, please be aware that even the new releases of Oracle JDK 8 (yes 8!) starting with 8u211 (April 2019) are available under the new - non-free for commercial usage - license.

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