Lieven Doclo | Devoxx

Devoxx Poland 2019
from Monday 24 June to Wednesday 26 June 2019.

Working with Java for over a decade, Java has little secrets to Lieven. Having worked on projects ranging the entire spectrum from small to gigantic, for start-ups or multinationals alike, he knows the effort it takes to get something running in production and to make sure it keeps running. He now works at Atomist to make sure development processes can be automated in the best possible way developers know how: in code.

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Automating your development experience with Atomist


Developers don’t get paid to write code. Instead, we're expected to deliver working software in production. How does your team turn source code into running software? And how do you make sure it stays working in all environments, including production? Atomist expands the range of development automation past what most of us have currently seen. How quickly can we get from an idea to deployment? Well, give me ten minutes and a few button clicks. "But my deployment process is unique!" No problem, we can solve this, in code, in TypeScript! How about having production or deploys through a single click? Build failed? Here’s a message in Slack with a detail on what wet wrong. Or how about autoformatting your code so that you'll never forget. Atomist like adding a team member who to do the stuff we wanted to automate ages ago. Let’s scale up ourselves, with Atomist.

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