Jessica Man | Devoxx

Devoxx Poland 2019
from Monday 24 June to Wednesday 26 June 2019.

Jessica Man
Jessica Man
From Goldman Sachs

Jessica started her career as a JVM developer in IBM and later joined Goldman Sachs in 2010 where she was the technical lead for the Java Engineering team, responsible for the Java runtime environment and ecosystem for the firm. In 2017 she took on a global lead role for the Application Monitoring team, providing tools, services and support on application performance monitoring across the firm. Then in October 2018 she moved to the Site Reliability Engineering team, continue to play a senior engineer role in the tooling and monitoring space.

Site Reliability Engineering & distributed services design


The basic definition of Site Reliability Engineering is when you ask software engineers to design operations function and to solve problems that historically were solved by hand. In a large enterprise such as Goldman Sachs with lots of sophisticated process and security control in place, how can we ensure that reliability can be applied to existing software? In this talk I am going to share with the audience how we apply the SRE principles and help to design some of the building blocks that transform applications with observability, security, maintainability and scalability in mind, using open-standards such as gRPC, Envoy and Prometheus.

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